From The Heart & The Head

Children are curious about their surroundings, are inquisitive by nature, want to explore & experiment - So, why not harness their natural craving for learning thru a structured programme, touching upon areas relevant to their age & ability.

- Mrs. M . Smith

For a Dream to Come True One must dream !!! My biggest dream was realized on 29th Dec. 1997 when Little Star was born !!!

After 10 years of service in two reputed schools in Dubai as a KG. Teacher & Supervisor, I opened the Nursery to facilitate working parents & I am very pleased to see even non- working mothers ensuring their little ones attend nurseries knowing how advantageous & beneficial it is for their growth & development.

Like a baby I have seen Little Star grow from strength to strength with each passing year- it has been nurtured & tended to with love - & is come to be a second home to children from all parts of the world. It fills me with great happiness & satisfaction to see that we are of service to many parents.

Caring for kids since 16 yrs. Many of our ex-Stars now are all grown up & in various High Schools & Colleges in Dubai & around the world – you cannot imagine how proud that makes me feel to know that we have been a part of their journey & that they are all doing so well & shining as bright as ever!

I am fortunate to have with me a highly dedicated & motivated Team of Teachers, Ancillary Staff & Admin Staff who believe in the Vision & Mission of Little Star!

As pre-school teachers & care-givers, we take our work very seriously knowing we play a major role in shaping a child’s personality. We consider ourselves as the extended family, caring for the children’s needs as much as their parents while they are in our care ! And feel fortunate to be part of many Firsts in a child’s life – from the appearing of the first tooth to hearing the cooing, babbling & first word, seeing them take their first step, celebrate their first birthday, venture out with friends on their first fieldtrip, stand before an audience for their first concert - which are no less than little miracles we get to see almost on daily basis. It is truly a rewarding & an awesome experience !!!

To the parents of the of all the Stars with us at present & the ones in the past, I would like to say “ Thank you for Trusting Us with your Precious Ones ! ”

May Our Little Stars Always Shine Brighter Than the Brightest Star in our Universe!

- Mrs. Margaret Smith
(Principal & Director)