Actions Speak Louder than Words ...


LSN 19th Music Fest 24th March 2016

Little Stars captivated the hearts of guests & parents with their performance as they sang & danced with their friends. Costumes, setting & props added to the Drama! It was wonderful to see each child participate with their friends.  

Sports Day 2015 ( 2 )

Kids attempted all Tasks motivated by the Audience Clapping & Cheering for them!!! Way To Go , Little Ones !!! 

Sports Day- 19th Nov. 2015 ( 1 )

It was dedicated to the 44th UAE National Day & the UAE Armed Forces !!!
Each & Every child participated in Drills, Games & Races!!! Parents & Guests present were amazed by the children's enthusiasm & skills!!!Proud of You Little Stars!!! Mrs. Smith  

15th Aug. 2015 - Art & Craft Exhibition At LSN

Mr. Mrs. Idicula Parents of Iyan inaugurated our See-To-Believe Exhibition! It was a magical sight once the doors opened! All parents appreciated the Amazing ideas & the beautiful work done by the children & the Teachers. It was a perfect blend of Colour, Talent & Creativity!!! 

Fancy Dress 26th July 2015

All kids came dressed up in their Fancy Clothes & as diff characters !!!
We had a Fancy Dress Party !!! 
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