Terms and Policies

Illness :

  • Children must be kept at home in case fever or any infectious illness & the school office to be informed.
  • Upon return, A letter from the attending Doctor to be submitted in the Office stating the child is fit to join back.

School Transport :

  • Person receiving or seeing-off the child to be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the given time.
  • If there is no one at the bus stop to receive the child, he / she will be brought back to the Nursery.
  • The child will only be handed over to the person mentioned in the Transport Form.
  • Do not call the bus driver on the mobile for Safety Reasons. All communication will be through the office.
  • Nanny on board  /  Sc. Office will contact you if any situation arises on the route or there‚Äôs any change in the timings.
  • Please inform the office in time if the child will not be attending school.

Own Transport :

  • Child will be handed over only to the Parent or the Person appointed by the parent. In case of any change a written note to be sent along with the person sent for pick-up & the parent to call & inform the school in advance of the same.